Tin Nguyễn
Product design, etc. 



  1. Artsy Viewing Room
  2. Artsy CMS
  3. Trust & Safety
  4. Checkout & Shipping

Led end-to-end product design on projects touching both sides of Artsy’s two-sided marketplace, enabling seamless transactions on Artsy, improve seller tools for galleries, connect collectors with in-demand supply, & support more artists around the world.



   1. Delivery Windows
   2. Internal Tools Design System 

Led product design and user research for Capsule’s pharmacy and logistics teams. Laid out foundations for a design system and shipped thoughtful, research-driven tools to manage an excellent customer experience.



  1. Deal Tasks & Approvals
  2. Deal Financials

Built new and improved financial data-focused tools and workflows for commercial real estate professionals, enabling them to win better deals faster.




  1. Datadog APM
  2. Datadog Alerts

Launched entirely new products from conception to market (e.g., APM) and improved tools heavy in interaction design and data visualization for DevOps teams to resolve performance issues via an intuitive user experience.

Some fun thoughts—

  1. design can be a facilitator for clearer communication ︎
  2. design can be a driver for better business decisions ︎
  3. design can be a vehicle for meaningful change ︎